RadioLab goes in search of Symmetry


Put that cup back in the cabinet

Why can’t I do that? ¬†Primarily because all of our cups are dirty at home.

Synesthesia is a real condition

The problem is that I actually saw this video first, which is a mind bender.

Turns out, this is all based upon a real condition.

“All we are is dust in the wind…”

Can you imagine looking out over town and seeing this thing headed toward you? ¬†Forget dust allergies… this is a ball of death!

Honk if you like Metallica

Metallica fan or not, this is hilarious.

Fish fight back

This is about the only way that I could catch fish… if I’m not killed first.

Led Zeppelin is trying to tell you something

The brain can just make stuff up out of gibberish.

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