RadioLab goes in search of Symmetry


Put that cup back in the cabinet

Why can’t I do that?  Primarily because all of our cups are dirty at home.

Dumb dogs?

Bassett Hounds may in fact be the most intelligent dogs on the planet.  But when they run, they look like idiots.

Synesthesia is a real condition

The problem is that I actually saw this video first, which is a mind bender.

Turns out, this is all based upon a real condition.

Don’t read the books, just read the comic

Every bit of Harry Potter on one really big page of cartoons.

“All we are is dust in the wind…”

Can you imagine looking out over town and seeing this thing headed toward you?  Forget dust allergies… this is a ball of death!


How many faces can you draw?  How about one per day?

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