Led Zeppelin is trying to tell you something

The brain can just make stuff up out of gibberish.


Woody, is that really you??

Ok, so Woody has a bit of a dark side.  Who doesn’t?

Dog owners versus cat owners… there’s a difference

Sure, we all knew that cat owners and dog owners were different.   And not just the smell.

2 comedians, 1 Conan

Two is always better than one… well maybe not ALWAYS.

Look out, here come the trees!!

Crazy trees and flowers, getting ready to attack!?!

Ok, seriously, what in the world (alien world) is that?!?

So, with the power of the wind, we get a strange beach creature.

And with that, obviously, we’re bound to get this odd dinosaur.

But why do they have to make a wind banshee beast??

And then there’s the  liquid metal monstrosity.

Homecoming queen to international mom

Woman decides to make a difference in Uganda, and just keeps going.

See more about her current work here.

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